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Bathing, Boarding add-ons

Here are our current bathing prices:


Bath up to 20 lbs: $15

21-80 lbs: $20

81 lbs and up: $35

*add $5 for dermatological (medicated) bathing*

Brush out (10 minutes): $15

*if your pet boards with us 3 nights or more, they will receive a free bath*

Nail care

Plain Pedicure: $15

Pedicure with Dremel: $20

Anal Gland expression (internal): $30.50

Activities and extra comforts

Make your stay even better!!


Meeting the needs of your pet is our top priority! Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity a pet receives while they're away from home, the healthier and happier they will be! We offer a variety of activities and amenities to customize your pet's stay!

Activity Extras (Prices are PER DAY)

                                                               Extra Activity Sessions/Cuddle Time: $5
Do you have a dog with lots of energy or one that needs a little extra TLC?
Then we have the perfect extra comfort for them! Our Extra Activity
Sessions/Cuddle Time is an extra 20 minutes for your pet to play and release
all their energy or to simply cuddle up and get some loving. Extra Activity
Sessions/Cuddle Time can be customized to your pet's energy level and can
• A fun game of catch, Frisbee or ball
• Extra workout time - walking, running and lots of sniffing!
• Playing out in the exercise yard
• Or specialty cuddle time with one of our kennel technicians

Treat/Toy and boarding comforts:

                                                                 Treat Filled Kong Rental: $5
A dog's favorite thing is a treat! We have these fun Kong toys filled with treats/peanut butter to help reduce stress all the while having fun! This is
ideal for any dog who has a thing for treats! We can also offer this for
"purchase" with a daily refill for $3 !

                                                                     Busy Bones: $5
This is an excellent option for a dog who loves to chew! Available for your pet while they are in the kennel! If there are any left overs, it is yours to keep!

                                                                                      Treat and Toy Boarding Package: $10

This Package includes a nightly bedtime treat and toy to play with during kennel time. We will also email/text you a photo of your pet during their stay!